Tuesday, May 3, 2011

QR Codes are the new way for customers and prospects to reach a web page,a location, or obtain information about products and services. Add a QR code containing contact information to your business card and someone can add you to their contact list by reading the QR code with their cell phone or computer. Add a QR code to individual products on your web site and enable customers or prospects to download product details and a phone number for ordering, or link to a You Tube Video.
Another example of how QR codes are being used is the Google program Google Places, a way for businesses to manage their presence on Google. Any business selected by Google as a Favorite Place receives a window decal that includes a QR code that takes the viewer to the Google Place Page for the business. As of July 2010, Google has already distributed 100,000 Favorite Places decals and is planning a second round of 50,000 more.
With Google promoting QR codes, they are likely to become very important in search marketing. Google suggests that if your web site contains a QR code, search engines will see a new image and index it, and might in the future index the content in them.

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