Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Variable Data Printing
High Speed copying in both black and white and color has been a standard service offering here at B.C. Printing for some time. Once digital printers began to replace analog copiers, the possibility of variable data printing was realized.
VDP enables various elements of a document such as text, graphics and images to change from one page to the next with no degradation of print speed or quality. From a production standpoint, VDP is a continuum from the simplest mail merge(changing the name and salutation of a letter) to versioning (customizing the document for a defined group rather that for a specific individual) to 1-to-1 printing where each document is completely unique. An example of simple VDP is a post card that is printed with the name and address of the intended recipient. If the photograph on the post card and part of the sales message changes depending on the demographic characteristics of the recipient, that is known as versioning. If the post card contains a photograph of the recipient as well as text with personal information, that's 1-to-1 marketing.

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