Monday, November 29, 2010

Marketing Communications
At the heart of the marketing plan is the system by which the business or organization communicates with its target audience. In his book "Marketing Communications" by John Egan, a professor at Middlesex University Business School in London, defines marketing communications or marcom as the process used by suppliers (of products, services values or ideas) to communicate with a target audience. The goal of the communication is to stimulate dialogue that will lead to developing a relationship.
Marcom encompasses a wide range of possible activities, including;
1. Personal selling--being face-to-face with the customer or prospect.
2. Direct Marketing--sending promotional or sales material to a specific target audience.
3. Advertising--using various mass media to offer a promotional or sales message to a broad audience.
4. Sales Promotion--offering incentives to purchase
5. Public Relations and Publicity--indirect promotion via third-party media.

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