Friday, September 17, 2010

I believe the current debate between whether traditional direct mail or e-mail is best for marketing purposes is obscuring what is really most important--the content.

Until what you say in your marketing communications has value to your customers and prospects and is well-presented, then how you get it to them is irrelevant.
There are two parts to delivering meaningful content;the words themselves and how they are presented graphically. Writing that is full of cliches, grammatical errors, misspellings and punctuation errors calls attention to the writing itself rather than the meaning. Likewise, ordinary or commonplace design wastes the opportunity to draw the reader in and may even confuse the reader.

We understand that budgets may be tight, providing the temptation to save money by do-it-yourself content preparation. If this is your situation, may we suggest that you budget enough to have us review your work. Sometimes the simplest of changes can make a significant difference in the impression you'll make on your readers.

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