Thursday, March 18, 2010

What is a PMS Color?

PMS is an acronym for Pantone Matching System™, an industry standard for identifying and matching colors. The Pantone Matching System™ was created by Lawrence Herbert in 1963 to solve problems associated with producing accurate color matches in printing and graphic arts.
The Pantone Matching System™ begins with a base of 14 colors(two yellows, orange, four reds, purple, four blues, green and black), then creates more than 1,000 colors based on combinations of the base in a process similar to the way paint stores mix paint. Each color is numbered for easy reference and a color swatch and ink formula is printed in PMS guides--the fan format books we use to help you select colors for your printing projects.
WE have several PMS guides for our customer service representatives and press operators to use. In addition, we replace our books approximately once a year to ensure that color swatches have nt changed due to fading or exposure to light.

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