Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Be Your Printer

#10. We know how to print--lets start with the basics; we have a mix of equipment for printing and finishing, we maintain the equipment in good working order, we provide formal training for our operators, and we enforce production standards for quality and output.
#9. We tell you how much your job will cost.
#8. We invoice promptly.
#7. We commit to a due date and deliver on time.
#6. We let you know what's going on.
#5. We tell the truth. We need you to trust us, and the only way we know to build trust is by always telling the truth.
#4. We find out what works for you. The more we know about your business, your industry and your customers, the better we can evaluate whether the printed piece will serve the purpose you intend.
#3. We are interested in new media.We understand that our job has always been to help our customers communicate with their customers.
#2. We defend print. Despite our commitment to new media, we know for certain that print still has an important role to play.
#1. You deserve the best printer. And we are it! It comes down to this; we deliver on time, keep you informed and make it easy for you to do business with us.
So take the next step call Kimberly or Dan at 303-320-4855 and arrange for a shop tour or an appointment. We would like to earn your business.

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