Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Proofing is a serious task and that is why we have prepared a checklist of items to examine while proofing. Please remember it is best to proof against something--your original layout or an earlier proof. Here are some items that you should check for;

Layout: are all pages complete (no dropped copy or images); are all graphic elements like text, photographs, graphics,in the correct position; are all pages in the correct order; is type aligned on facing pages; are type,rule lines and photos on crossover pages in correct position.

Typography: are fonts correct; does text break as desired; is justification correct.

Copy: are telephone,fax and cell numbers and email addresses correct;are addresses correct;are people and place names spelled correctly.

Page numbers: is the numbering sequence correct; are page numbers correctly placed.

Prior changes; have all changes to the prior proof been incorporated.

Reader's perspective; from the reader's perspective, is everything clear and comprehensible.

If you notice anything that is not correct, mark it plainly and return the proof to us with instructions. We will correct errors we made for free; we will charge for author's alterations.

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